The status of advertising in Morocco in the 21st Century: linguistic approach to branding and brand management of Moroccan Internet and telephony companies

For the purpose of this paper we will introduce a brief historical journey of how advertising has developed in Morocco through the last and present century, and after that, we will offer an insight to the different brand strategies this sector applies in the competition to attract customers.

Knowing that Morocco has been under French control and Spanish rule -in the North-, it is remarkable the influence of the colonial times in the advertising sector for a long period of time, even until the late twentieth century.  After independence from colonial rule many advertising companies stayed in the country and continued with the same practices, but it was not long before the authorities partly nationalised these companies. A new rule in 2003 regarding the media and communications sector boosted the growth of it and therefore its advertising capability.

Nowadays, the three biggest telephony companies have achieved a very renowned status in home and abroad due to their very unique advertising campaigns that target at every Moroccan potential customer no matter the socio-economic or age aspect to them. The most important reason for their success is the use of darija or Moroccan dialect in most of their adverts including -at a lesser extent- English and French; and the production of whole advertising campaigns in their dialect has a link to the growth of the sector which is the leader in the number of adverts produced per year (35%).

Key words: linguistics, branding, brand management, digital advertising, billboards, Moroccan society



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Omar Salem Ould García Postgraduate student, Granada University (UGR) España